Our Philosophy

The NCOE CUSD #3, in an active partnership with parents and community, will promote excellence in a caring environment in which all students will learn and grow.  This partnership shall empower all students to develop a strong self-esteem and to become responsible learners and decision-makers.  The NCOE CUSD #3 is committed to developing and using a visionary and innovative curriculum, a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, and sound fiscal management practices.  

Our Mission

As a community of educators at Norris City - Omaha - Enfield CUSD #3, we pledge to provide a safe environment where all students can develop to their fullest extent.  We at NCOE recognize that education is much more than school and that learning is a life-long process that involves our whole community as partners in becoming "people developers."  NCOE, along with the community, will agree and strive together to prepare students for their future careers.  We will prepare students to:

  • apply their academic knowledge in everyday life skills
  • use and apply technology
  • communicate effectively
  • become a wise consumer
  • think critically and be creative problem solvers, and
  • become a conscientious and productive citizen.